Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Star Chase Keith

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If you need some hilarious TikTok content RN, look no further than Chase Keith’s account. The 17-year-old draws in huge audiences with his crazy pranks and parody skits, and now he’s turning those comedic skills into a full-fledged acting and modeling career. Here’s everything you need to know about TikTok’s cutest new triple threat, Chase Keith.

Remember that random hobby you had as a kid? Chase had one of those; he was an amateur magician. In a Q&A with Famous Birthdays, Chase revealed he would put on magic performances for his family. Chase admits his tricks probably weren’t the best, but in the video, he thanks his parents for building up his confidence and “lying to me all these years.”

Chase was posting goofy skits on Musical.ly long before he became a social media sensation. Since joining the platform back in 2016, he’s grown his audience to an impressive 4.5 million.

On social media, Chase goes by his handle @Chaser. The star always gets a lot of questions, so most fans use #AskChaser to make sure he sees. Surprise—most fan questions are about his dating life.

In a Q&A video, one fan asked if he’s gay. Chase said he gets this question all the time, and even though he has no issue with anyone’s race or sexuality, he’s not gay.

Chase got the nickname after the TikTok video below went viral with over 285k likes. The look on Chase’s face makes him look more than a little congested, and one fan said what we were all wondering: are “u gonna sneeze or not?

Chase is one of few male members of Daisy Keech’s newest venture, the Clubhouse. This buzzy new creator collective launched after all that drama between Daisy and Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou.

Even though Chase is a member of the Clubhouse, he doesn’t live there full-time. In an interview with Seventeen this month, he revealed he goes back and forth from his family’s home in Orange County.

At the beginning of this year, MN2S talent agency announced it had signed Chase. He also signed with a top social media management agency, Vivid Management. Based on his follower count, it looks like Chase is one of their biggest stars.

We aren’t surprised that the guy who was nicknamed Justin Bieber Jr. as a kid was destined for fame. And even though Chase is widely recognized as a social media personality, he is becoming a major force in the acting world too. The actor’s most recent role was in the 2019 movie Spring Breakaway where he played the love interest for one of the main characters. Swoon!

You’ve probably also got a glimpse of Chase’s modeling chops when he scored his first cover for Lucid Magazine. Now, he’s breaking onto the scene and scoring some big work with brands like Disney and Aéropostale. Chase has a whole Instagram Story dedicated to his modeling work if you want to catch more highlights of his recent work.

Chase’s brand, Caustic Youth, gives off major skater kid vibes. The black sweats feature red and white accents and look totally comfy. The brand had a pop-up shop at the beginning of 2020, but it’s tough to find his merch anywhere. Too bad, because we could really use some cute new sweats RN.



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